Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baaaaahck to School: The Goat

Funny story.

On my way to school yesterday, as I approached the parking lot, I noticed a sign on the side of the road that read, "Found GOAT."I seriously considered turning around and taking a picture. Let's be honest. The only reason I didn't was...I was very close to being late. Okay, full disclosure? I was one minute late already.

As I cruised into the school zone, parked my car, and briskly waddled across the parking lot with my big bag o' school junk, I noticed many of our students hanging out of bus windows. Then I saw it.....

This little guy was actually butting a parent in the derriere. I asked said parent if the goat (hereafter known as simply "Goat") was his... no, no he wasn't. 

As a teacher attempted to enter the building, so did the goat. I actually had to steer Goat away from the door while kids hollered, "Don't let him in again!" 


Apparently Goat had already greeted the office ladies and been sent outside to greet everyone else. 

He seemed quite tame and was noisily chatting with animal control as they came to pick him up. I imagine Goat being treated well at a large and lady goat filled farm. 

How was your first day back?


  1. It made coming back awesome! All I heard about in the hallways and at lunch was the goat this and the goat that. And we had new kids and parents arrive when Goat was on patrol...sheesh!


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