Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here Goes Nothing 2.0 ;-)

Okay, so here goes nothing part 2! I am humbly taking credit for being the teacher that my lovely friend, confidant, sounding board, shoulder, and amazing colleague Brandi mentioned in the "Here goes Nothing" Post. Unlike my girl Brandi, I am a blogging virgin and have been so caught up in facebook and fielding farmville requests that I haven't had time to see what a treasure trove awaits for me and my classroom out here in Blogger land!! I look forward to seeing and hearing all of the fantastic ideas that come from Brandi...She is a gem folks...I wish that every student in the world could have an educator in their life that cares for and goes the distance for each kiddo in her classroom the way that Brandi does.

   I am going to begin a journey this coming year into the amazing and challenging realm of Special Education.  I am very excited to be landing back in Oklahoma after being in Texas for the last 7 years....hmmm bringing to mind something about an itch...guess those old Okie winds were calling me back North.  Let me tell you a little about myself, and as my chickadee Brandi will tell you I always start a story with....To make a long story short...

So, to make a long story short I had a love for teaching when I was young and did not realize it. I would find myself raiding my stepmother's school boxes as a child looking for the coveted grade book and lesson planner and then forcing my siblings and several stuffed animals through numerous lessons over the years. My own education was a crazy ride through Oklahoma and New Mexico as my parents divorced when I was young. I saw two very different sides of history and a large diversity in cultures growing up, which I feel shaped my love of exploring new cultures and societies on our little planet. I know it is a cliche' and sounds very interviewish (my own word tyvm) but I truly want to foster a love of learning throughout the entire lives of my students.  

Well, faithful bloggers and readers as I am new to all of this, I will close for now.  I will try to always leave you with a quote, because all of us are lifetime learners! 

Oh and p.s. My grammar is sooooo lacking on the computer.  So I am adding a disclaimer that I will not be held accountable for my grammar mistakes when blogging. I know that my punctuation and syntax are soooo not on point when I am casually typing. Please do not let that cloud your judgement of me as an educator!!!!

Quote~ "A true friend is someone who says nice things behind your back"  

Love ya Brandi, thank you for always being a True Friend!!

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