Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently...on the first (A Christmas Miracle!)

Hey there, Teacher Friends! 
Here I am, on the first of December posting my Currently. That is by my count, at least three weeks earlier than usual! How is it that I am still well into the 150s on the list? I like my sleep too much apparently! I digress. Pop over to Farley's lil ol blog to see what everyone is up to. My bet is that "wanting" will be chock full of wants like mine! 

Listening: Zooey D and her silky smooth crooning are on the top of my list lately. I am lucky enough to have my office right off of the stage. The kiddos are practicing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!" While I love me some James Earl Jones, a lady can only take so much. I shut the door and crank the Pandora this week while working on our site plan...more on that later. 

Loving: The faced and lined up cans and boxes in my pantry. I may be sleeping with the enemy when it comes to organization if you know what I mean. He better hope I don't go all Julia Roberts on him if  when he wrecks the serenity of my dry goods. 

Thinking: Site plan. Does your school district have a yearly presentation for each building? We have our site presentation on Friday. AHH! That means we have only tomorrow to finish the actual slides. I am so honored to be able to help with this process. Our school does so much to help students and this is when we get to brag on the great job our teachers do! 

Wanting: Just. One. More. Day. WAAAAHHH. SOB. sniff sniff. 

Needing: I am so torn. He mostly wants hunting stuff. That is easy. It is just hard picking which hunting thing to get. sigh

Tradition: My mom makes delish Christmas candy. Peanut brittle and chocolate peanut clusters are my favorite! 

P.S. Be on the lookout for a giveaway soon. If you aren't following me, do it now:) We are talking real items that will be mailed to you! Yippee! I am looking for helpers to donate their favorite things too. Email me to get in on it:) missbrandle@yahoo dot com

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  1. Your blog is adorable. I found you through Currently. I love making Christmas candy, too.

    Thirsty Firsties


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