Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

Hey Teacher Friends,
It's that time again! Currently with Farley is here!

Listening: Zig & Sharko. It's this French cartoon. Think Tom and Jerry, but instead of a cat and mouse, you can insert a hyena who repeatedly tries to eat a mermaid and is twarted by a bodyguard-like shark. No really! That is pretty much what happens. And they don't talk. Here is an episode. We found it on Netflix. 

Loving: How much relaxing I am getting done today! Already managed to sleep in and procrastinate. Success!

Thinking: What yummy food are you having on this holiday weekend? We went to a cookout for a friend's birthday last night and took hotwings that the hubs made. YUM!

Wanting: I only make it out to the movies when a kids movie is on or I make it a priority. See anything good lately?

Needing: I have a post about my new classroom, our bookstudy, and some other things in the works. Enter procrastination!

3 Trips: I love to travel. We are in the beginning stages of planning a vaca with my Mama for next summer. I would love to head out on a road trip to the Northwest, any California Park with giant trees, or a cruise. Not sure about cruises and kids. Maybe a Disney Cruise? Advice?

Have a wonderful Labor Day!



  1. I went on a cruise 8 years ago and would love to go again! It was an amazing vacation. Of course, that was my senior year of college, so we did not have kiddos, but a colleague of mine just went on a cruise with her 8 and 12 year old and they all had a wonderful time! I have heard great things about Disney cruises, too. Good luck with your trip planning! I'm sure whatever you choose will make lifelong memories!


  2. My parents have been on the Disney cruise twice....without children! It is on my list of things I would like to do someday! I'm thinking that you can't go wrong with any of your ideas! Good luck with the decision!
    The Blessed Teacher

  3. What a cute show! I watched half of it. I appreciate practically all things French, so thank you for the introduction! It sounds like you have many things in the works, which is awesome, but at the same time that procrastination thing...meh, at least we are all in it together! As for trips, all your ideas sound wonderful. I haven't done a cruise before, but I know a friend who swears by them. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it is well deserved!

    2nd Cup of Campers


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