Monday, December 29, 2014

One Word Resolution

Hello There Teacher Friends!

I don't know about you, but in the past, resolutions have been, let's just say, iffy for me. I have had years when I made a super specific resolution and it worked out, and years when it... didn't. I am linking up with Primary Powers to share my one word resolution.

Last year, I did the one little word thing and it was like MAGIC to me. In 2014 my word was BALANCE. I had a few other marginally successful resolutions, but the one thing that I did all year long was bring it all back to my one-little-word.

I wanted to balance my personal and professional lives. Any time I felt compelled to say that nasty three-letter-word, YES,  even when I was unsure if it was good for me to do so, I thought of my one-little-word instead. Trading in "yes" for "balance" was challenging and good for me. In 2014, I stretched myself and was able to shift some monkeys off of my back.

In 2015, I am choosing the word FOCUS. I am talking laser-like Jedi focus. Now, that may be the only Star Wars analogy I have in my pocket, but I think I know what it means.

In everything I do, I want to focus entirely on that endeavor. I want to be in the moment and avoid the pitfalls of squirreling, rabbit-trailing, or any other distraction metaphor there is.

Example: I was just really tempted to Google distraction metaphors. That could have been at least 10 wasted minutes! Family time will mean focusing on family. Email, will a hard one. I can tend to be swallowed up by my inbox at work.

Now, I will focus on reading for pleasure:) After all, it is still break and I need to focus on me. I hope you are doing the same, teacher friends!

All of my best,


  1. Great word, Brandi! Have you ever read Inbox Zero? It's something my husband told me about. He has several posts, but there is one that talks specifically about how to handle emails. It isn't a perfect fit for teachers, but his concept of only reading emails when you have time to really sit down and do them, and then also cutting down on the number of emails you send... there are ways to make adjustments for it to work with our profession, but the gist is prettey powerful.

  2. Love the one word resolution; that's doable!! I agree with your 2014 word: balance what I always need, as well as focus!! Best of luck to you!!


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