Thursday, April 6, 2017

Add a Little Happy to Your Testing Season

Hello Teacher Friend,

We have started the dreaded State Testing in my building. If your teaching assignment includes testing, you know that the little things can be the deciding factor on your outlook on the day. I choose to add as much happiness as I can to my classroom. Heaven knows that the paper-covered walls and ear-piercing silence can drive you over the edge.

I made this adorable testing sign to replace the one I had scribbled on a random piece of paper with a near dried up Sharpie. It is surprising how happy it makes me to have something pretty on the outside of my door while we test! Click here to download it!

My teammie and I also arranged breakfast treats for students for every day we test. You can see our sweet assortment of goodies.

Since we aren't allowed to keep encouragements on our desks during testing, my students tape them UNDER their desks. I know, sneaky:)

Here is a little freebie for you to use in your classroom. Click THIS LINK to download it. Use the arrow keys to see a preview.

I got my goodies prepped in less time than it took me to understand what to read aloud for each testing session. 

If you are ready for happiness overload, download the full set of State Testing Goodie Labels. Lots of options are included for healthy snacks, breakfast items, or candy and treats. What I use always depends on our testing schedule.

Test happy!

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