Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Craft of Teaching is having an "Amazing 100 Follower Giveaway"

I am officially getting serious about this blog. As I have been doing research about how to do this right, I have learned that following blogs and linking up is a really great way to gain followers. Followers=support and man, do I need some support in the big ol' world of blogging.

I have come across tons of excellent and talented bloggers in the last couple of days. In an attempt to link up, I am blogging about a pretty cool giveaway over at "The Craft of Teaching." Nichole has reached 100 followers. Way to go! I hope to be there someday too.

Head on over to her super blog and win all kinds of cool swag. You could get items from all kinds of TeachersPayTeachers stores, a gift card, or free posters from your classroom. The best thing is that you can browse through all of the blogs of her fellow bloggers and follow them too. Do it!

Here is the complete list of goodies:
  • $25 Giftcard of Your Choice
  • Kelly's Fall Behavior Management Pack
  • Any Item from Caitlyn's TPT Store
  • Any Item from Holly's TPT Store
  • Any TWO Items from Sara's TPT Store
  • Denise's Election I Have Who Has
  • Debbie's Bubble Gum Themed Word Family Pack
  • Tina's Picture Writing Prompts Packet
  • Any item from Tara's TPT Store
  • Any item from Megan's TPT store
  • Mercedes' Purple Polka Dot Frames and Christmas Owls
  • Angie's Superhero Reading Promotion Signs and Bookmarks
  • One Photo Print from Terra Trekking Photography

I have my eye on that photo print!

Happy browsing!


  1. Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway! I'm so happy to be your first follower! :-)


    1. Thanks Nichole! You have no idea how your follow made my day:) Good luck on the amazing giveaway. That was my first time to blog about someone else's blog. I hope it was okay!

    2. You are doing great!! :-) Have you joined up with any linky parties yet? It's a great way to have some new people see your blog and follow you!

      Craft of Teaching


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