Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Love You...say it?

Hey Y'all!
I was thinking to myself today, on our unexpected snow day, about saying that one little word. I say it to Dahlia about a million times a day. The Hubbie too. Our friends? Yep! My Grandma? Positively. My list of loved ones is long. I am blessed to have each one of them. 24 come to mind. All of the previous classes too:)

I recently had a student tell me as I left for the day, "We love you!" and it was so unexpected. It has been at least a week and I have not gone single day without thinking about how sincere and selfless her sweet words were. She was unabashed and loud, in front of the entire class. Lots of kids took a beat, looked around, and seemed surprised. I hollered right back, as I left for my meeting, "I love y'all too!" After my reply, the smiles across the room were even sweeter. 

Do you tell your students that you love them? The whole group? Individuals?

I know that had anyone asked me that my first year teaching, I would have blushed.

P.S. Do you think that it helped that I had a strict sub? lol!

Love (Yep, I did it to you now!),


  1. I used to NEVER tell my students that I loved them back. If they said they loved me I would just say, "Thank you, that made my day!" But the truth is I DO love their little hearts and some of them need to hear it. So now I do. Some I purposely tell everyday, looking at their little eyes. I expect a lot of them and I want them to know that its because I love them and believe in them.

  2. I know it's a little late, but better late... I do tell my students that I love them. Not normally one on one, but I will tell them as a group "you guys know I love you." You can tell they know I mean it because it makes them smile.

  3. When I taught 3rd grade, if students told me "I love you, Mrs. Cowan." I would just say it right back. I meant it. Occasionally, I'd have and eww echo across the classroom and I'd say, "Hey, I'm your school mom. So, it's ok for us to care and love each other!" They would die laughing,because every single one of them called me mom at least once during the school year!

    P.s. I'm following you b/c we are both Oklahoma bloggers!



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