Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Camping on Gopher Hill

We packed up our gear and headed east, to my hometown, to camp at the best place ever. Home sweet home. Dahlia was the fifth generation of my family to set foot on that land. The menfolk cleared land at the exact place that my favorite house ever stood, before it burnt down. It is funny how land evolves and changes after 20 years of being uninhabited by people.
All the hard work was done by the time we pulled up to the campsite. All we had to do was put up our new tent! Call me crazy, but I love to put tents up. Taking them down and managing to fold them into a shape that fits into the tiny bag...not so much.
My Mama and her "man friend" 


Camping isn't complete without a princess flashlight!

...or a pink camp chair!

...or a place to put your sippy cup!

Cecil, or as Dahlia started calling him, "Sissy!" At least she stopped calling him Brian on purpose!

Daffodils from the good old homeplace:) I dug up lots of these, irises, and  Easter lilies to plant at my new home. 

Yes, we have a waterfall! And some tires! lol

The North Canadian River

This used to be a schoolbus!

Raccoon tracks!
The guys were happy to see deer tracks all over. We saw some monster buck tracks while searching for arrowheads!

Walking along the river bank. 

Danger! Sandy bottoms ahead!
Dancing Queen
complete with ballerina shirt

Mark splitting wood

The boys relaxing!

That big Oklahoma sky

Mama and her pal, Cheryl. Just ignore that sweatshirt!

fire out, packed, heading home

Saying goodbye

We had a great time with our family and friends! Hopefully, we will do it all over again soon. I love the land and all of the happy memories I have made there. I love that Dahlia and Jeremiah are getting to make some too. Now, off to work on some TpT products! I have been slacking and have a bit of alone time today. 


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