Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break, Okie Style

Hey Teacher Friends,
     It is officially Spring Break around these parts and I am prepping to meet the mister and our pals in my hometown. We have big camping plans. As I like to say to my bestie, "Let's make a memory!" The last weekend we spent there looked a little like this...
Riding down a dirt road...'nuf said. 

 and this.....

Trail to the south side of the river. 

Sweeten the deal with some time with my Mama AND some sweet tea? Don't mind if I do. Add a big bonfire and some bank poles? Yes Ma'am! Sleeping under that big Oklahoma sky in the exact place where I grew up?  My heart is all a flutter. I'm heading to pack the quilts and my Great Granny's cast iron skillet. 

While I am off the grid, I will have my camera. Pictures coming soon and maybe some more teacherly posts later in the break. 

Bye Y'all!

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