Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amazing Teachers=Fun Spelling Activity

As an instructional coach I see things. Lots of things. Things I can't unsee. We won't go into those things today. We will, however, see a really fun activity that you can do NOW!

A little background: We are implementing a new spelling system this year. It is called L to J. The program takes away the permission to forget the spelling words. is new. And with new learning systems, comes a new set of challenges.

A challenge our teachers are facing is how to help kids get meaningful spelling practice in throughout the day. I am focusing on this exact topic this month in our coaching sessions. So, it made me very happy to see this:

At first, I was pretty sure this little guy was just another picture of a bug. Our school is out in the country. Scorpions and other critters are commonplace yucky culturally embedded. Ahem, we even had a student use giant scorpions as a marketing hook in his student council speech. And everyone got it! 

Then, I looked a little closer, which was was tricky since it was displayed on the back of the door and I could have been knocked out at any moment. I know, my blogging bravery is unheard of. HAHAHA!

But I digress. Look, it is a spelling activity!! WHAT?! 

pardon the blurry iPhone picture, but can you see those little word-legs??
 Can you see the words? Know what the best part is? It is a coloring sheet! The kids just flip the sucker over and "trace it" with their spelling words.

Know the other best part? The kids love it. Can't get better than that, right?

Wrong! Know the other other best part? That little millipede is a science connection. Yep. Cross-curricular, baby!

Okay, I am done gushing. Sherri and Shannon, Fourth Grade Teachers Extraordinaire! You rock, but please, choose kitten next time. These creepy crawlies are freaking me out:)

Try it and comment what your favorite spelling activity is!

Toodles Teacher Friends,

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