Friday, October 11, 2013

Best Times to Pin: Get the Timing Right

I am making an effort to be a more effective pinner. I have been under-utilizing Pinterest and my realization prompted some research.

I was planning on pinning this article, but I wasn't able to find a picture that I deemed pin-able.

Here is another:

This article has an infographic, which I like, but has some conflicting information.

Like anything you research in the interwebz, I expected some variation in the times. Some articles said to pin between 2 and 4pm, some said the high traffic times were between 5 and 7 and to pin about an hour before that, and others said that the 5 to 7 time was the kiss of death. Clear as mud, right? I did notice a time they all agreed was prime time to pin: Saturday Mornings.

Here is what I am thinking, and I would love to hear your opinions, teacher friends. Teacher pinners may be a subset in the Pinterest world. To know when to pin education content, I plan to do some research.

I will start pinning at various times in the day:
2pm to 4pm weekdays
4pm to 6pm weekdays
5am (let's be honest, this one might not happen!)
Saturday Mornings

After a bit, I will know which times worked best for me. I will let you know.

If you have been working out the best times to pin, I would love to hear from you!



  1. I love this research! I will be interested to know what you find out :) I'm trying to think of when I do most of my time-killing on Pinterest - usually late at night, I think.


  2. Thanks for researching this! I never know when I should be pinning!

  3. I totally agree with Saturday morning! Sundays are a close second. I also got some detailed tips from another seller about how to create the long, "fancy" pins that showcase your products more. I'll send you instructions. :-)

  4. I found your blog today via my blog! Looking forward to following you! Stephanie from Principal Principles


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