Friday, January 25, 2013

80's Dance Fun!

Our school does a PTA sponsored event in the spring every year. We used to do a 50's Dance. Last year we did the 70's. This year was the 80's!!!!

My outfit for school. I actually am wearing stirrup pants and leg warmers too.  Two teacher friends of mine insist I look like the teacher from "First Day Jitters." One even made this picframe depicting us side by side! What do you think? LOL
We knew it wold be such fun to do some surprise teacher dance. The YouTube link is below. Our P.E. teacher and I talked and she decided to choreograph a flashmob style dance. We practiced in secret after school and it all came together. After a mini-show by some students (hilarious too, but not okay for me to post the video for all to see...) you can see said P.E. teacher, Ms. Hodnett, go out and kick it off. The kids had no idea. Next comes our counselor and the rest of us. Didn't our counselor, Mrs. Bui, do a great acting job??

The best part was the teachers dressing up. The kids were so surprised and seeing those faces light up is worth all of the crimper burns I sustained!

Me, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Karns, and Mrs. Elliot

Dahlia is ready to do aerobics at the dance! Watch out Olivia Newton John!

These two crazies are parents of one of my students. This is actually an old prom dress of hers. He insists that he had this tux. I am not buying it. That is a wig...his, not hers. LOL!

group picture of the teachers that dressed up. Aren't we fun!?

Share our video if you want. Some parents joked that they wanted to make it go viral. Maybe we can make it on Ellen!!



  1. I would love to have a dance like this and would LOVE to organize a flash mob. Fun!!!

  2. How fun!!! And little Dahlia looka adorable! :) Lattes and Laughter

  3. It was so much fun that we are planning another flash mob.


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