Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Currently and Cheers to 2013

Here I am again, linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the 3rd month in a row. Holla!  I think this is my only consistent linky. I love it because it is so easy, fun, and reflective. Like a mini-bloggy scrapbook. Here is what I am thinking for January and 2013.

Listening to the weather is pointless. It's cold and won't be a snow day. John Slater is a cutie patootie though and the remote is on the table. I must really need a little pep in my step after multiple days of the hubs coming home to me in my pj's still. Luckily, school starts back tomorrow.

Loving all of the text message updates that I have received from my sweet little student's mama. She has totally kept me in the loop which allowed me to send out prayer requests and email updates to all of the faculty at my school and the parents in my class. She returns to school in 2 to 4 weeks after real. live. brain surgery! What a blessing technology is my friends. Not to mention all of the amazing people that have helped this wonderful family. {sigh}

Thinking that I have tons to do. Email the parents about our new Revolutionary War Novel Unit, email the Teacher Book Club, grade, post grades, work on my plans, and on and on.

Needing to go grocery shopping. I am not one of those once a week shoppers. I do the major shopping and then try to use all food in my cabinets before I go again. I do hoard certain items because I would die before running out of sweet tea or Miracle Whip. How Okie is that!? The hubs would be happy if all I bought was condiments (pickled jalepenos, A-1, and Head Country BBQ sauce mostly) but we need some other staples and Dora fruit snacks for Dahlia.

OLW- Crush. I just watched one of my favorite episodes of New Girl. I love me some Schmidt. He is adorbs. Ima crush me some 2013. Crush it.

Toodles from your teacher friend,


  1. Visiting you through the linky! I love your OLW... at first I thought you were going to crush things!
    Happy New Year
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
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  2. I found you through the Currently linky (thank you for your kind comment). I hope your day back to school is going smoothly! I have one more day and I'm finding it hard to get motivated to do anything!

    Teaching Special Kids

  3. I found you on Farley's Linky party! I'km your newest follower!

    Oh my goodness I do LOVE me some New Girl. I laugh so hard when I watch that show. The Mr. doesn't think it's quiet that funny though!

    Have a happy 2013!

    Lisa @ Tales of an Education Major


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