Sunday, January 27, 2013

Math Benchmark Tracking Charts Updated

We recently made our tri-yearly trip to the computer lab to complete our Mid-Year Math Benchmark test. If you are new to how our district administers these tests, or to how my class charts our progress, click here for the original post. You can look at the original chart and see that it is all nice and neat, since only one testing session is recorded. The second picture is what the chart looks like now. We went through and each kid looked at their print-out from the mid-year test. If they had a score in the same category (green: 80%-100%, yellow: 60%-79%, red: 0%-59%) they left their post it. If their score changed categories, they moved it to the new color. As you can see, several kids moved.

original chart
new mid-year chart

I use this data to pull groups and know which lessons to reteach the whole class. If half of the kids didn't get it, I reteach to the entire class. This week I pulled kiddos to the table to work on perimeter and area. I just stood with my key about which kids went with each number on the chart and called them back. We did a fun lesson with Cheez-its. It was fun. Next, measurement. This one is always our weakest area, so I have lots of fun lessons about it. I even have a neat measurement scavenger hunt that my team made years ago.


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