Friday, January 18, 2013

Tell Me Something Good and A Recipe

This is my first Tell Me Something Good. I am joining the fun with Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade. I think I am motivated to post because I have had such a productive week at school and home. It was hard to pick one good something for each, home and school. Later in this post I will also share a recipe that I am linking up with Julie at My Journey to Fifth.

Something good about school:
I have knocked out almost all of the grading that has been piling up/ haunting me since a brutal and busy Monday. I have been all over TpT and have found some really excellent lessons and games to reteach math and reading skills we need to target after benchmark tests. I also got a couple of pictures of our new math benchmark testing post-it charts. I will follow up on that in a post later.

Something good about home:
The hubs and our best friend have been seriously in to doing work on the land I grew up on. They have almost gotten the old tractor running and have been hashing out plans to brush hog and repair some old buildings. It makes me happy to know we will be spending time outdoors. With all of the land management they are doing, more frequent trips to see my mom and grandma will be in order. Yay!

Since I am on the topic of my mom, I am sharing one of my easiest weeknight recipes. My mom made these all the time when I was a kid. We just call them burritos. You might think of them as like a grilled stuff burrito from Taco Bell. They are filling and oh-so-yummy.

Easy Burrito Recipe
All you do is brown a pound of hamburger meat in a pan with oil and a diced onion. Add a can of re-fried beans. You can even use fat free and nobody will notice.Shh! Add a few heaping spoonfuls into a flour tortill, right down the middle. I place a slice of American cheese in there as well. Fold it in half and lay it along the meat and bean mixture. The hubs likes to use cheddar cheese. Roll it up and brown in oil on three sides. It makes a neat little triangle:) You will know it is done when the cheese gets all ooey gooey. I serve mine with picante sauce and sour cream. My dad always added lettuce and tomato on top too.



  1. Mmmm! I think I'll make the burritos for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :) I'm your newest follower...can't wait to stop by for another visit soon!

    Read with Me ABC

  2. Thanks for linking up. Your recipe sounds delicious and simple. I will try it this week!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


  3. Great recipe!! I'm definitely not a cook, but this seems easy! =) I just found your blog... it's super cute!
    Sister Teachers

  4. Love your blog design! I love the bright colors! They make me happy! Megan designed my blog, too! Isn't she amazing! Congratulations!

    Teaching With Moxie


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