Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stop Saying Fart

Hey Y'all. Did that title get your attention? Do you consider yourself a funny teacher? I think I am pretty hilarious at times. The kids pick up on my jokey demeanor and it makes for a lovely classroom environment. As you know, all classes are different. One of the many likeable traits floating around my group this year is a wicked sense of humor. Here is a little tidbit for you to enjoy.

One of my boys have been using the word fart all week. Quietly.

I walk past him MANY times a day, as I am a big believer in teaching on your feet.

At least once a day I hear him say, "fart." His friend giggles every time I hear it. Isn't that what friends are for? Giggling when you say fart? They have no idea I am listening.

He says it in reading groups.

It's remarkable how adept he is at inserting it into conversations. He is smooth.

Finally, I have the best tease ever.

I say, "{insert student name here}, stop saying fart."

He smiles deviously. He replies that he hasn't been saying it, attempting to keep a straight face. Failing  at keeping a straight face.

I reply, "Oh, you have been saying fart all week," and continue, "Or you can call your mom and say fart 20 times." And then, "Should I keep saying fart?"

As this point, he has totally cracked. He is laughing and his giggly pal is too. My sides hurt from the strain not laughing at them. At this point it is hopeless and I start laughing too. I laugh until tears come to my eyes. It is infectious. The kids starting telling the ones who didn't hear that {insert student name here} was cracking up because I kept saying the word "fart."

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." They may not be entirely accurate, but I know that Roald Dahl had the right idea.



  1. My boys are the same way!! When I was teaching them Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then, they always giggled when I said but. However, there was this one day where the story had two buts and when I asked them they needed to find two buts, they just about died!!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


  2. One of the fifth grade team at our school has a favorite spelling word: duty. Bahaha! Also, she is in her sixties, so the kids find it even more hilarious!

    My Teacher Friend

  3. This cracked me up! I had one that used to say "Fried Chicken" all the time. He was a mess! Now my 5th grade boys say "Move it like Bernie" all the time! I had to ban it from my room.

    Teaching to Inspire in 5th

  4. Brandi, thanks for stopping by to make fun of me. :)

    This is the first time I've visited your blog. It's adorable. I'm a new follower.

    For some reason the students at our school don't say "He farted." They say "He took a fart." For a while I thought it was because English is their second language and it was some how a direct translation from Spanish. It's not. We aren't sure why they say it but every time they do I ask, "Where did he take it?" They also on hot days splash themselves with water and say, "I wet myself." They looked shocked when I asked them if they peed their pants.

    Surfing to Success

    1. I was more like, laughing with you! LOL! I made my husband read this "took a fart" business. Is it like, "took a {insert number two slang here}"? Lady, you are too funny!!

      My Teacher Friend

  5. Haha!! This is hysterical! And yes, definitely caught my attention!! :-)

    Glad to be your newest follower.

  6. This cracks me up! I have a "poop" bandit who writes the word all over! I don't know who it is (but I have my suspicions). The worst was last week when I was doing a lesson that was observed by 6 other teachers and my principal. When I sat down and opened my anchor chart, it said "poop" in small letters. One of the kids kindly pointed it out in front of everyone. Needless to say, laughter ensued...


    Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain

    1. It's not funny...but it is so funny! I can think of a couple of times that we have have kids vandalize things with graffiti. Like a kid who would write cuss words on the bathroom stalls. When I read "poop bandit" I lost it. Seriously. How do you keep a straight face??!!

      I am totally picturing you teaching away and one kid saying "Um, the chart says poop." AHHHHH!! And in front of visitors!

      What is it about potty humor that makes me laugh? I guess that is why I teach, I have the maturity level of a ten year old. Thanks for commenting. This made my day!

  7. I think this is why I teach 4th graders, because I still act like a 10 year old when I hear the word "fart". I laughed reading your post.

    My favorite funny was when one of my students asked why someone would name their cat "But Puff". The sentence was missing a comma. It should have read "But, Puff, my cat..." I still crack up thinking about But Puff the Cat.



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