Monday, January 28, 2013

Upcoming Observation and Theme Task Cards

Hey Y'all!
I have been preparing for my upcoming observation for the last week or two and I have to tell you, no matter how long I teach, I think I will ALWAYS feel a little panicky about being "officially" observed.

I have an open door policy in my room. I welcome anyone and everyone to watch, participate, volunteer, whatever. Visitors at short notice don't faze me. Interns are always dropping in. What is it about the for real observation that gets me all worked up?!

Reasons why I SHOULDN'T stress:

  • I have a great relationship with my principal. She hired me and I would follow her anywhere. 
  • My class is always on top of things. They know exactly what to do and are hard workers. Very few behavior issues and procedures that go off without a hitch even when I am absent are a plus. 
  • I know exactly what I am doing and how I want it to go. My plans are detailed. 
  • My room displays all of the Marzano components we have implemented so far this year. 
  • I will have a pre and post observation conference to clear up any questions or issues with my lessons. 
  • I am super excited about the content I am covering with the kids for the observation- Theme!
  • I have supplementary materials from TpT that I think fit the bill perfectly. 
Reasons why I stress:
  • I am a spazo and worry that I forgot something small, like a seating chart. 
  • We are implementing a new observation system this year, which I like, but anything this high stakes, is a stress trigger.
  • I want to be "innovating" in EVERY category on the daggone framework. NOT gonna happen, I know. Everyone keeps telling me that it is a growth model. Logically, I understand. That being said, the overachiever in me wants that "100%" on my test. I can remember crying over my first B in middle school. I am talking hysterics. Over one science assignment. That girl in me wants perfection. 
Do you every feel this way? Like you know yourself and the eccentricities you bring to the table, but you can't help it? I may be projecting my personal issues onto all of my teacher friends out there in bloggy-land, but my intuition tells me that wanting to do everything exactly right is more common with teachers than in other professions. What do you think?

This exact perfectionism plagues me when creating items for my TpT store. I have been holding on to these Theme Task Cards for a week, thinking about ways that I could improve them. Do you ever wait to upload an item for no good reason? It seems like the perfect time to unveil them since I plan to use them as a part of my observation. 

After reading and rereading them, I decided that they are pretty spiffy. I can't wait to use them as a scoot. I plan to review a few cards whole group and then have the rest of the class scoot through them while I pull a couple of groups back for a guided reading lesson. 

I would love to hear your insights on preparing for observations and what you do to ease the stress of teacher life. 

Your teacher friend, 


  1. It doesn't matter how awesome your principal is, I agree: there is just something intimidating about someone coming in to observe EVERY LITTLE THING YOU DO! :-P But, I bet you'll do amazing!!
    ideas by jivey

  2. Thanks Jessica! I filled out my pre-observation form today and will sit down to have a meeting about my observation this week sometime. I think that after the meeting I will feel more at ease as well. Your encouragement will be with me as I teach that day. Like "the force"!!!


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