Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Pin, You Pin, We all Win (Possible Linky Idea)

I had an idea.... I know, watch out!! This can easily send my team, husband, sister, mom, friends, or anyone who knows me running!! Not you, teacher friends, right?

Here it is. I think that it would be so fun and easy to browse other people's blogs and pin a couple of items from their blog to your boards. I get a ton of TpT traffic and blog traffic from pins. I see lots of cute ideas on the blogs I read, and try to pin them to keep track of what I want to reference later. Who doesn't like Pinterest?

Is it that simple? I think the rule of three would be a great guideline. Anyone out there interested in something like this? Does it already exist?

Possible names:
Pin-able Party
Pin it to Win it
I Pin, You Pin, We All Win

Any ideas, input, name possibilities, or other help would be appreciated.



  1. I think it sounds fun! I get most of my traffic from Pinterest also.

    Wild About Fifth Grade

  2. I agree!! I try to pin when I can! :)
    ideas by jivey

  3. I love this idea. I have been pinning more lately and getting significant traffic from it. So I'll drag my co-blogger in on this. We love Linky parties. I like the Pin it to Win it and the I Pin, You Pin, we all win. I have always liked the rule of three. It helps everyone out. I'll be looking to see when the party starts. :)

  4. Hi Brandi! I love your blog and am your newest teacher friend :) I think that sounds like a fabulous linky idea! I really like "I pin, you pin, we all win!" It is very cute! I get tons of traffic from pins too and I would really like to see other ideas out there as well!


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