Monday, January 7, 2013

Take Your Daughter to Work Day and Word Choice Activity

Howdy! I am posting tonight after a few days quarantine at my house. On Thursday night the baby sitter's son got sick, then on Friday the sitter got sick, then Dahlia got sick, then the hubs got sick, and then...I didn't get sick! HAHAHAHA!!! 

I wonder if it because of all of the germs from the carrier monkeys children, because I have an immunity from having a very similar illness years ago, or because my hands have been rubbed raw from washing. In any case, I have dodged it so far. 

Here is Dahlia at school with me for a couple of hours as a last resort when I got the emergency call to pick her up. She stayed until I could leave and loved all of the attention. I am so glad we left when we did. She was fine for most of the day Friday, but on Saturday, she came down with the same stomach bug as the sitter. Eek! 

Coloring like a big girl

Back to the point. WORD CHOICE! I have done this activity for years. It is easy, virtually preparation free, and the kids LOVE it. I picked 5 words we use way too much. I put them into groups. They made lists on notebook paper. They were allowed several opportunities to give words to and get words from other groups  and then were tasked with finding a creative way to present their words. I gave them the example "Said is dead" with a tombstone. 

Here is what the little darlings came up with. I think they did great. How about you? Well, only comment if you think they did great. Really, or I will come to your blog and dis your class. Not really, but, really...LOL!

Big is going into the shredder

Said is dead. They scrapped their original idea and then panicked when faces with the timer

Good is leaving town. I love how they have the word strapped to the moving truck!

One kiddo said, "Got got caught in a pot!" She thought it was hilarious!

Went is being bullied. You can't see it but the hand extends off of the page and is holding their complete list.
Cute huh!? We also use a series on the traits of writing to cover word choice in a more in-depth way.



  1. Aww, I am so sorry your family has been sick! I was in a similar situation with my daughter right before we got out for Christmas break. She is in PreK, and one day I was in the middle of teaching and in walks AC. She had a fever, I had a class, and she instantly became a member of my class until I could make arrangements. It was no fun with her being sick! I am your newest follower and look forward to reading and exploring more of your blog.


    1. It is such a perk to teach at a school that just sends someone down while I run out to grab her. It is one of the many blessing of being a teacher that your little one could come to your room and be comforted by mom:) I hope she wasn't sick of too much of your break! Being sick at Christmas would stink.

  2. Those are great! I started doing a "said is dead" word wall, but I love how yours has so much creative involvement from your students! Following you!

    1. They are SO creative. Hopefully we can add to the existing posters and make a few more. I love word choice!


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